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Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr79)

2.10.19Chas1 (Monday 2 October 1643)

document 38800068

item it is presented that Jn Jacob knight 6d Dan Rogers clerk 3d Jn Little gentleman 6d Jn Ludgater clerk 3d Edw Elliston gentleman 6d Wm Turner in right of his wife 3d Jn Lucas gentleman 6d Eliz Wyseman widow 3d Rose Church widow 3d the heirs of Jas Godscall 6d Hen Mereton gentleman 3d Jn Church gentleman 3d Wm Aylett gentleman 3d Hen Enew 6d Rich Warde 3d Edw Spooner 3d Thomasine Abbott widow 3d Edw Potter 6d Ann Fish widow 3d Sam Game 3d Jn Smith 3d Geo Cockerell 3d Wm Bridge in right of his wife 3d Jn Pilgrim 3d Judith Rampton widow 3d Ann Burton widow 3d Ann Pennock 3d guardian of Jn Pennock Antho Baker 3d Jn Bullock 3d Jn Wade 3d Wm Faucett 3d Joan Gilott 3d Mary Pake 3d Robt Mihill 3d Wm Prentice 3d Xoph Aldridge 3d Rose Prentice widow 3d Robt Andrewes 3d Wm Lungley 3d Jn Lungley 3d Thos Osborne 3d Wm Stanes 3d Edw Grant 3d Francis Somerson in right of his wife 3d Edw Stanley in right of his wife 3d Dan Lea 3d Eliz Allen 3d Agnes Game 3d and Eliz Game 3d are tenants of this manor and owe suit of court and this day made default therefore each one in mercy as is shown above their heads