Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

9.6.35Eliz1 (Saturday 9 June 1593)

document 66901949

who say that Robt Dawes gentleman 6d Geo Sayer gentleman 6d Wm Siday gentleman 6d     Marshall gentleman 6d Robt Carter 4d Antho Ennewes 4d Israel Ennowes 4d Wm Ennowes 4d Robt Nicholl 4d Jn Prentice the heir of Rich Prentice 4d Thos Smithe 4d Edw Wade 4d Francis Wentford 4d Jn Sparrowe 4d Jn Kinge 4d Wm Clark 4d Simon Turnor 4d Thos Collen 4d Thos Pollie junior Wm Talbotte 3d Thos Smithe junior 3d Hen Morley 3d Jn Crabbe 3d Steph Champne 3d Hen Polley 3d Jn Warren 3d Robt Strutte 3d Ben Handler 3d Jn Sillito junior 3d Thos Allen (may be Thos Allen) 3d Rich Clark 3d Rich Stay 3d Jn Bonner 3d Edw Sigge 3d Geo Warren 3d Simon Kendall 3d Rich Mapas 3d Jn Hatch 3d Hen Wright 3d Xoph Roote 3d Robt Clarke tailor 3d Thos Sillitoe 3d are tenants of this manor and resident within the precincts of the leet and owe suit to the court and this day being solemnly required hath made default thereof and every one is in mercy as appears above his head