Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr82)

28.3.6WmM1 (Wednesday 28 March 1694)

document 40300037

who say on oath that Gilb Smith Wm Booseby Thos Brewer Jn Bayly Humph Ruggles Hen Abbutt junior Jn Cressener gentleman Wm Adams Jn Allen alias Payne Thos Bullock Rich Capplin feoffees of Earls Colne Thos Barrington esq Abrm Vangover Jn Fletcher Thos Aldgate Wm Fossett heirs of Jn Lemott Honywood esq Robt Hutton Sarah Jackson widow Thos Little gentleman heirs of Hen Morley Edw Potter Thos Biggsby Isaac Payne (may be Isaac Payne) Sarah Pryor Jn Pease Jn Raven Solomon Stebbing Rich Sillitoe Rich Appleton Mary Savill Wm Downes heirs of Jn Hurst Wm Creake Margt Holden Jn Sparrow Ralph Josselin Mary Kendall are tenants of this manor and owe suit of this court and they have made default every one of them in pain 3d