Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr76)

12.9.1586 (Monday 12 September 1586)

document 66500996

essoin Robt Sewell by Roger Catte Jn Cockerell by Wm Deverell     Aylet by Thos Woodward Rich Scydaie by Jn Warde Robt Churche gentleman by Jn Churche Wm Adams by the bailiff Wm Fisher by the bailiff Jn Leffingwell by Barth Leffingwell Wm Inman clerk by Jeff Cawche Edw Wade by Robt Woodward Xoph Isaacke by Robt Rooks Xoph Hall by Thos Allen Rich Heyward by Wm Bunner Wm Prentice by Thos Turnor Jn Griggs by Jn Humfrey Edm Veer gentleman by Robt Carter Jn Bird and Hen Smythe by the bailiff Thos Underwood by Humph Brock Peter Gylot by Lance Gylot Wm Clerke by the bailiff Francis Wentworth by Jn Wentworth Jn Knight by Thos Leffingwell     Bailiffe alias Lemington by the bailiff Reynold of Bumsted by Jn Reynold Rich Sigge by Jn Reynold Wm Wade (may be Wm Wade) by Robt Woodward Albery Pryor by the bailiff Jn Bonds by Thos Kelton gentleman Jas Smythe by Francis Newton Robt Partridge gentleman by Wm Loveney Agnes Bieston Joan Tracer Ann Polley by the bailiff Margery Bridge by Edm Potter