Hearth Tax: Quarter Sessions (ERO Q/RTh5)

1671 (1671)

document 13400329

Rich Harlakenden esq 21ht Ralph Josslin 6ht Rich Appleton 5ht Jn Rosebrooke 1ht Jn Holden 2ht Armes widow 2ht Jn Smith 5ht Burton widow 3ht Ward widow only for one year 1ht widow Ward entered Edw Brown came at mich paid 2s for a year Jas Prior 1ht Harris widow 3ht Appleton widow no distraint this feast no distress Wm Peartree 2ht no distraint this feast no distress Potter widow 1ht Jn Fletcher 4ht Jn Clarke 2ht Jn Garnett 5ht Robt Harris 1ht Wm Adams 3ht Robt Carter 3ht Mathews widow 2ht mr Wm Harlakenden 4ht Wm Harlakenden 6ht Robt Potter 5ht Edw Potter 2ht Wm Paretree jun 1ht Jn Pennock 1ht Sam Burton 6ht Robt Tayler 4ht Robt Abbott 6ht Jas Sherley 5ht Jas Jay 2ht Smith widow 4ht Isaac Paine 3ht Robt Finch 6ht Hen Hatch 5ht Jn Coeman 4ht Hutton widow 1ht Jn Wade 1ht Rich Fisher 1ht Geo Cressnor gent 11ht Edw Hacksell 4ht Rich Hatch 4ht Wm Busby 3ht Edw Johnson one newly erected 2ht Jn Busby 3ht Rich Chaplin and Jn Backshew 6ht Jonathan Woodthorpe 3ht Dan Nightingall 4ht Jn Hill 2ht Jn Kindall (may be Jn Kindall) 1ht Jn Burton (may be Jn Burton) 3ht Robt Wrighte 5ht Wm Cleare goes at the feast of mich and only half a year 1ht tenant to Robt Hart (probably error for Hunt ) came at xmas and paid half a year Wm Edwards 1ht Hen Playle 1ht Rich Bridge 3ht Jn Carter with one newly erected 2ht one more newly erected payable at our lady day next Jn Bennett entered at the feast of mich and only on e year 1ht entered last mich paid a year Steph Moule 1ht Thos Hayles 2ht Jn Kendall 3ht Jn Bullock 1ht same Jn 1ht Jn Laurence 2ht Thos Lenton 1ht Thos Fuller sen 2ht Jn Crowe 2ht Sam Newton 5ht Robt Lamb 2ht Thos Osborne 3ht Wm Fosher (Wm Fisher) entered at mich one year 1ht entered to Robt Carter came at mich paid a year 2s Alliston widow mrs 6ht Hen Inno 7ht     Isorson 4ht Jn Owers 1ht Edw Creake 1ht Hen Abbottson (Hen Abbot) 7ht more a chamber chimney not finished 1ht 6ht Jn Burton (may be Jn Burton) 4ht Geo Potter in newly built house 4ht a new house a building Robt Harris empty house 1ht owner empty Jn Isaackson empty house 1ht owner empty Jn Burckton empty house 6ht at The Lodge owner empty