Hearth Tax: Quarter Sessions (ERO Q/RTh5)

1671 (1671)

document 13400510

there are fourteen persons in this parish which receive collection and are therefore omitted (the English version says the same) allowed to escape by certificate from payment Dan Prior 2ht Rich Bunner 1ht Xoph Fosset 1ht Rich Appleton 1ht Nath King 1ht Jn Layer 1ht Robt Payne 1ht Ellis widow 2ht Jn Amey 1ht Hen Wiseman 1ht Sam Paine 1ht Jn Ruggles 1ht Wm Andrews 1ht Byford widow 1ht Wm Fossett 1ht Jn Fell 1ht Edw Gold 1ht Jn Buck 1ht Sam Paine sen 1ht Rich Wilson 1ht Thos Rayner 2ht Jas Roote 1ht Albery Gannet (sic) 1ht Jn Bagshawe (Backshaw) 1ht Wm Moule (Wm error for widow) 1ht Jn Aston 1ht Esdras Pearetree 1ht Pearetree widow 1 ht Rich Tyer (Rich Tyler) 1ht Sexton widow 1ht Mary Adams widow 2ht Geo Manne 1ht Jn Appleton 1ht Esdras Pearetree 1ht Wm Greene 1ht Barth Hatch 1ht Isaac Paine 1ht Jn Ellis 1ht Jn Tyler 2ht Thos Fuller 2ht Jn Finch 1ht Edw Steevens 2ht Edw Paine 2ht Abrah Christmas 2ht Jn Pease 1ht Thos Wade 1ht Hen Morley 1ht Prior widow 1ht Jn Everett 1ht Joseph Sewell 1ht Jn Scott 2ht Jn Pilgrim 1ht Thos Porter (Thos Potter) 1ht Denish (widow) 1ht Jn Bond 1ht Nath Lead (Nath Wade) 1ht Robt Finch sen 1ht Brownesett (error for Brownson) widow 1ht Robt Smith 2ht Harris widow 1ht Dan Harrington 1ht Jn Hutton 1ht Hen Hutton 1ht Wm Newton 2ht Thos Fisher 2ht Thos Hutton 1ht Eliz Kesbrooke (Eliz Rushbrook) Robt Hacksell 1ht Jn Sillito 1ht Jas Ward 1ht Roger Bewers 1ht Jn Huske 1ht Jn Harris (may be Jn Harris) widow Harris 1ht Adam Brewer 1ht (2ht) Bones (Bounds) widow 1ht Wm Clitter (Rich Clitter) 1ht Peregrim Harding (only reference) 2ht Jn Owers 1ht Tottman widow 1ht Corn Sillito (Calvin Sillito) 1ht Rich Sillito 1ht Jn Algate 1ht widow Burton alias Canney 2ht widow Bewnes (Bewers) 1ht Robt Frost 2ht Jn Mott 1ht Jn Quilter 1ht Wm Tiffin (error for widow) 1ht widow Ward 1ht Jn Buttler 2ht Thos Bullock 1ht Dan Ames 1ht widow Spooner 2ht Thos Reyner 2ht Dan Leaper 1ht Thos Daniell 1ht Robt Davy 1ht Rich Mott 1ht widow Edwards 1ht Jas Markham 1ht widow Wade 1ht Hen Buck (may be Hen Buck) 1ht Thos Garrard 1ht widow Garrard 1ht Jn Brewer 1ht Jn Finch 1ht Thos Harris 1ht Jn Alline 2ht Wm Stephens (error for widow) 1ht Wm Hutt 1ht Jn Peake 1ht [viewed by Chas Hughes collector Jonathan Woodthorpe constable]