Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr75 and D/DPr76)

17.9.1579 (Thursday 17 September 1579)

document 66200009

essoin Peter Whyte by Jn Tracer Geof Litle by Robt Peerson Edm Potter by Robt Reade Jn Sawen by Jn Leffingwell Jn Prentice by Clem Turner Robt Rooks by Jn Parker Wm Inman clerk by Jn Sparrowe senior Edw Wade by Wm Wade Jn Somersham by Hen Clarke Jn Knight by Humph Brock Robt Carter by Edw Payne Jn Playfoote by Robt Peerson Robt Dawe by Nich Game Wm Greene by Lance Gylett Wm Medowe by Robt Jolley Thos Pulleyn by Wm Manners Rich Sydey by Rich Ennewes Jn Hassett (Geo Hasset ) by Rich Ennewes Thos Warner by Thos Cock Jn Mase (Wm Mase ) in the right of his wife by Jn Aylemere Jn Polley senior by Robt Reade Rose Warde widow by Jn Warde