Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

14.3.1737 (Monday 14 March 1737)

document 11101368

widow Hatch 2d Wm Willis 2s the tenants of late Jn Porter's 6d widow Brewster or tenants 4d Jas Emming or tenants of late Meredith's Rutledge 1s Wm Dore 3d Dan London 4d Dan London junior 2d widow Raven 3d Edw Fell 2d Jas Savill 3d the house where Hen Wendon and others live 6d Wm Ellis 2d Isaac Potter 2d Robt Humm junior 4d Sam Fitch 8d Wm Benson 4d Wm Wagstaff 2d Benjamin Crabb 10d Wm Crabb 2d Edw Crabb 1s Jarvis Williston 2d Wm Suckling 1d Thos Byford 2d Jn Edwards 1d Thos     (blank probably Patterick) for a third of Chalkney Wood 1s6d widow Brackley or tenant 1d1h Thos Sexton 3d Jn Marven 1d Sam Halls and for late Crow's 7d (cross beside) Thos Sted 2d Thos Williamson and for Crow's 6d Francis Halliday 2d out leets Wm Sewell Kemball Meadow 1s6d Thos Grimwood 8d widow Green 6d Dan Smith 7d Dan Cowland 1d Jn Smith 7d Robt Prentice 6d mr Lay 1s6d Thos Wash 1s2d total 6li9s6d1h