Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr75)

28.7.1578 (Monday 28 July 1578)

document 66100009

essoin Wm Sydey by the steward Rose Ward by Jn Ward Geo Potter by Edw Brewer Thos Marche by Robt Rooks Wm Greene by Wm Bunner Thos Smythe by Barth Churche Jn Prentice (may be Jn Prentice) by Rich Prentice Jn Orvis clerk by Robt Boys Jn Sawen by Robt Reade Jn Knight Jn Gerrard Edw Wade by Robt Reade Peter Whyte by Jn Tracer Thos Warner by Jn Wallis Phil Smithe by Jn Newton Greg Garrard Jn Prentice (may be Jn Prentice) Wm Sewell by Robt Reade Giles Pawle by Jn Robjent Jn Weyld by Jn Brewer (may be Jn Brewer) Rich Williamson by Thos Somersham Adam Marche by Thos Marche Edw Payne by Rich Payne Lance Gilot by Wm Bunner Robt Woodward by Hen Woodward Simon Kendall by Jn Kendall Robt Strutte by Jn Harre Adam Mapas by Jn Coote Wm Turner by Clem Turner