Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

16.3.1724 (Monday 16 March 1724)

document 10702301

a rate made 16.3.1724 by the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parish of Colne Earls in the county of Essex for and towards the relief of the poor of the said parish to be gathered at eight quarters as follows imprimis mrs Mary Androwes and for two thirds of Chalkney Wood and Hancers Hedge 3s10d Jn May for part of the priory estate 5s11d mrs Cressener or tenants 2s9d Thos Sewell 5s of him for part of the priory estate 2s4d mr Angier 1s Robt Harris and for his own land 1s7d for the fens 7d Jn Pratt and for his own land 2s Rich Stringer
clerk 9d Ben Crabbe 1s5d Ambr Stowers 1s9d Jn Raven 2d Sam Gyon and for mr Newton's land and the hopground 1s11d mr Morley and tenants 6s7d for the Kilne Farm 3s Edw Frith 1s4d Jn Newton and for Mallories 4s7d for Peace's 2d Jn Pattorick one third of Chalkney Wood 1s2d Thos Bridge 7s9d Jn Hatch for Highfields and mrs Parish's land 3s7d for the Kilne Croft 1d1h Rich Potter for his own land 1s9d for New House 3s6d Edw Wash 2s Wm Walker 1s10d Thos Tiffin 5s6d Rayner for Tiffin's 2d Wm Peartree junior 4d Edw Osbourne 2s Math Newman and for Curds 6s10d of him for late Crabbe's 6d Math Sarjant 6d Jn Scott 2s6d for mrs Cressener's land 2s6d Wm Peartree senior 2d Wm Eagling 1d Jos Bott 6d Sam Burton and Jas Vince 1s Edw Crabbe 1d1h Rich Morris 2d Sam Shelley 3d widow Cooke 6d Jn Unwin 2s Thos Edwards 2d Wm Peartree on the green 5d Rich Barnard 4s5d Oliver Johnson 3s Hen Adams senior 5d Hen Adams junior 3s2d Hen Adams junior or Geo Wall 10d widow Bott 4d Jas Vince 11d Francis Halliday and Hen Wenden 3d Wm Harvey 4d Rich Fossett 2d Robt Warren and for his hopground 9d1h Jn Porter 6d mr Poulter or tenants 4d widow Bullard 1s Thos Hale for his own land 1s Sam Cristmas 2d widow Hatch 2d Sam Halls 4d widow Peartree or daughter 3d Jn Cooke for late Johnson's 1s6d for late Crowe's 2d Jn Brewster 4d Jon Gosselyn 6d Wm Dore 3d Wm Gibbs 2d Dan King 2d widow Raven 3d Thos Nuttman 10d Abrm Hale 2d Edw Fell 2d Dan London 4d Sam Paine 3d Thos Hutton 2d Wm Boosby 2d widow Paine 4d Dan Patten 2d Jn Bullock junior 6d Moses Fletcher 8d out leets Thos Little gentleman 1s6d Thos Bridge 6d Thos Grimwood 8d Jn French 1d widow Grime 6d the tenant of Lambards 7d Jn Smith 7d Dan Mead 1s6d 6li5s6d 9.4.1724 seen and allowed by us Rich Androwes Jn Wale