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Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21 together with rough copy of rolls D/DPr38)

20.10.1625 (Thursday 20 October 1625)

document 33900011

(full tenants list from rough copy with annotations) Wm Stephens gentleman pardoned Roger Harlakenden gentleman (nought beside) Jn Hawkesbye clerk (nought beside) Jn Church gentleman for fine for suit Edm Turner clerk 6d Steph Nettles clerk 6d (stroke beside) Hen Clench gentleman for fine for suit dead Barth Church gentleman (plus beside) Rose Church senior widow pardoned Rose Church junior widow (stroke beside) Ann Harlakenden (nought beside) Agnes Harlakenden (nought beside) Edw Rosse gentleman in right of his wife for fine for suit 6d per annum Edw Cressener gentleman (nought beside) sworn first Math Simpson clerk 12d Jeff Potter of Manningtree essoined Peter Elliston 6d Edw Brewer clerk 6d Jn Reade (nought beside) sworn Wm Collyn for fine for suit 6d per annum Dan Aymes 3d Nath Kinge dead Joan Ward widow pardoned Agnes Byrd widow essoined 6d Joan Evans widow (nought beside) Jn Bridge essoined Wm Aylett for a fine for suit 6d per annum Jn Potter of Brambles dead Rich Bridge pardoned Thos Smyth essoined Thos Guyon 6d Jn Creeke sworn (nought beside) Edw Prentice dead (stroke beside) Jas Pennocke guardian of his children essoined (stroke beside) Israel Ennewes sworn (nought beside) Robt Rookes 3d (stroke beside) Joseph Harvey essoined Hugh Potter in right of his wife sworn (stroke beside) Jn Kent in right of his wife 3d Hen Abbott sworn (nought beside) Sam Brewer sworn (nought beside) Robt Durdon in right of his wife (plus beside) Jn Parker (nought beside) Thos Prior essoined Rich Kempe sworn (nought beside) Rich Ward (nought beside) Jn Fowkes 6d Thos Hales pardoned Wm Savadge in right of his wife 12d     Kitchen widow pardoned Wm Kitchen Jn Brewer sworn Agnes Bounds widow dead Jn Bowles essoined Robt Crowe (nought beside) Thos Leffingwell (nought beside) Dan Lea sworn (nought beside) Robt Gylott heir of Isab Gylott widow deceased Jane Rand nought beside () and Mich Heyward sworn Jn Hunwick Nich Pierce in right of his wife pardoned Thos Smyth alias Bayly in right of his wife pardoned Mary Upcher widow 6d Jn Pierson guardian of Joan Kath Rose and Ann (nought beside) sworn Mary Hamond widow 3d Sam Burton sworn (nought beside) Jn Middleton senior (nought beside) Clem Turnor guardian of Jn Prentice 3d Helen Prentice pardoned Dan Bewers pardoned Hen Wade sworn (nought beside) Francis Hunwicke in right of his wife 3d Roger Brownson essoined Robt Davy pardoned Jn Brownson sworn (nought beside) Roger Bewers pardoned Sam Newton guardian Rich Ward (nought beside) Jn Wade essoined Rich Hayward 6d Wm Hutt 6d Thos Bowles in right of his wife pardoned Jn Meadowe 3d     Leonard widow 6d Jn Middleton junior (nought beside) Hen Byrd essoined Jn Geo Hunwicke 3d Hen Conye sworn (nought beside) Robt Sells sworn (nought beside) suit fine 2s6d 12d amercement 2s 6d amercement 5s 3d amercement 2s sum 11s6d