Quarter Sessions: Association Roll (ERO Q/RRO2/1)

1696 (1696)

document 21700005

Essex sessions whereas there has been a horrid and detestable conspiracy formed and carried on by papists and other wicked and traitorous persons for assassinating his majesty's royal person in order to encourage and invasion from France to subvert our religion laws and liberty we whose names are hereunto subscribed do heartily sincerely and solemnly profess testify and declare that his present majesty king William is rightful and lawful king of these realms and we do mutually promise and engage to stand by and assist each other to the utmost of our power in the support and defence of his majesty's most sacred person and government against the late king James and all his adherents and in case his majesty come to any violence or untimely death which god forbid we do hereby further freely and unanimously oblige ourselves to unite associate and stand by each other in revenging the same upon his enemies and their adherents and in supporting and defending the succession of the cr own according to an act made in the 1WmM1 entitled an act declaring the rights and liberties of the subject and settling the succession of the crown (illegible may be date) Jn Cressener Geo Toller Hen Abbutt junior Gilb Smith Edw Abbutt junior Wm Floyd Splandin Vangaver Ed Johnson Hen Hatch Jn Hatch Thos Piper Dan Nightingel Thos Osborne Sam Burton Isaac Potter Jn Pattrick though I cannot fight I own true subjection to the king and his government and to that I freely subscribe Hen Abbutt senior Wm Emberson Rich Wright Jn Newton Rich Bridge Thos Tyffin Jn Last senior Jn Last junior Han Rogers Jn Sparrow senior Isaac Blumfill Jn Crow Wm Sucklin Thos Paine mark Dan Cobs Sallmon Stevens Robt Harris mark Jn King (may be Jn King) Jn Fletcher Thos Sakins Jn Sparrow junior Robt Potter Simon Overall Wm Agars Rich Caplin Jas Savill mark Andrew Canne mark Geo Wade mark Geo Man (may be Geo Man) Wm Shugbrough Zoobryoos Joenock mark Wm Boolach Hen Goulldston Wm Fosset mark Edw Pertre mark Francis Booland Jn Smeth mark Wm Tifen mark Thos Appleton mark Thos Andros mark Walt Pes mark Jn Whit mark Jn Pes mark Jn Fell (may be Jn Fell) mark Jn Lowe mark Esdras Wade mark Thos Hutton mark Geo Man (may be Geo Man) mark Wm Hut mark Guy Pennock Jn Boosbie mark Jn Wisstow mark Hen Bennet mark Rich Edward Thos Hide mark Elethen Medellton Wm Batman mark Thos Fuller mark Jn Laier mark Thos Catle Wm Prentis Peter Door Barth Hach mark Caleb Maisant mark Robt Ward Edm Osborn Jn Larret Robt Godfrey mark Peter Raven mark Jn Bullock mark Jn Coobs mark Dan Rogers mark Jn Goslen mark Robt Huton mark Thos Allgates mark Jn Allgtes mark Jn Cooke (may be Jn Cooke) mark Jn Cowell Sam Unwin mark Rich Beedle Raf Rash mark Nath King mark Maththu Bichfork mark Francis Cresp Jn Sadd Thos Rainer mark Ny Peortre mark Wm Peotre mark Jn Fell (may be Jn Fell) Rich illegible text Abraham Oliver Jn Paine Abraham Chrismas Roger Roote mark Ben Crab Edw Paine Wm Hach Jn King Robt Hum Wm Gibbes Humf Rugels mark Dan Leper Jn Elles Dan London Robt Worren Joseph Sewell Jn Pratt Sam Finch Thos James Robt Smith Hen Huton mark Jn Eles Jn Somervell mark Jn Crow Rich Seleto mark Jn Welker Rich Hoskines Wm Boosbey mark Edw Werin mark Sander Willeston Thos Bruer Robt Haxell Wm Partre junior mark Edw Bosy mark Wm Andros mark Cres Partree (may be Cres Partree) Wm Downs mark Edw Goold Dan King Jn Medelton mark Jn Bowlls (may be Jn Bowlls) Esdras Partre (may be Esdras Partre) mark Thos Sexton Xoph Fosset (may be Xoph Fosset) Rich Fosset mark Wm Sexton mark Geo Partre mark Barth Asston signature or mark Rich Brower mark Wm Howtin mark Thos Gray mark Thos Podnay Xoph Fosset (may be Xoph Fosset) mark Thos Garrat